Haven't you always wanted a projector so you could watch TV on a really giant screen? So have I! I've wanted to do this since 2004 when I saw this on Tom's Hardware Guide. I only recently came into posession of an overhead projector however. I think I did this project a little more thoroughly than any other i've seen on the internets but unfortunately I didn't have the opportunity to photograph the first half. You'll just have to user your imaginations (you do have one, right?).

My fabulous overhead projector!

The concept is simple, you take an LCD monitor, rip the LCD panel out of it and put it on an overhead projector. Simple right? Well it's a little more complicated than that. You have to make sure that the panel is suspended above the glass plate of the projector so you can blow air between them to keep the LCD panel from melting.

A note on selection of a projector. The brighter the better. Unfortunately I could only get a hold of a 2500 Lumen proejctor. It's ok in the dark but if the lights are on or it's daytime it doesn't perform well at all. So try and get the brightest one you can find, at least 3000 Lumens. Obviously the brighter it is the more you will have to worry about heat affecting the LCD panel. If you have a system similar to mine however, I really don't think it'll be a problem. The fans I have keep my LCD panel really cool (< 20° celcius).