Sometimes I code, I'll keep you posted!

I've decided to release all the code I've ever done thus far as open source. It's all crap, you won't like it. Here it is anyway. BTW, this includes everything I've ever done for school. Why am I doing this? I don't even thing that any of these are even finished. In fact I can't really recall finishing anything that wasn't for school, bummer.


All of the code that you download from this site is licensed under the GNU GPL. You must agree to this license before downloading any of this crap. It's all copyright © Joseph Curtis 1994 - 2006.

geotag helper

Utility for helping geotag images. Click here for more details.



Like everyone, I started coding in basic. I think this was around '94, I may be wrong though. This is only around a quarter of the stuff I did and is not the best of it. I have a really old hard disk which I suspect contains the rest of it; however, it's got one of those really old IDE connectors on it which look like an ISA card interface. I can't plug it in :-( One day I will.

oldschool qbasic

Aparently I was still coding basic in '01. Here's some slightly newer crap, still crap though

newer qbasic


I attempted to create a peer to peer plugin for winamp over the 2004/2005 uni holidays. It was a fairly cool idea, your playlist was shared and you could search for songs in other people's playlists that would then be added to yours when they finished downloading. Started off doing it for xmms and was going to port it later. I think the problem was that I designed a new p2p protocol from the ground up, it got complicated, then uni started again :-(

Not sure if this is the latest version... (meh, I'll find it later)



When the eLoader for 2.01 first came out I decided to code a game for the psp. It was a clone of the oldschool game "Warlords". Never finished it because (you guessed it!) uni started again! Well here it is, wasn't going too bad either.


Oh, here's some more random psp crap

random psp crap

Borland C Builder

I once coded in bcb, I think I got a free version from somewhere or something like that.

borland c builder

Visual C++

I think this stuff is from my college programming class. I did a fully sick tetris clone in college, yeah! Pretty sure this stuff isn't the latest version of any of it. Probably mirrored in school crap (further down).

visual c++

School Crap

Code that I have uh, coded, in the course of obtaining my formal education. Assignments and crap, not interesting at all!